The photo of a girl taking care of her younger brother while doing his homework opens a controversial thread on Twitter

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A few days ago a photograph was published on Twitter in order to generate tenderness on the platform, although in reality it opened a controversial debate. In said image, which became viral, a little girl is observed doing her homework while she is taking care of what would be her younger brother.

The intention of the user , from what he wrote in his publication, is to highlight the work of the first-born like that girl, who are usually still children, but get down to work to help care for the other siblings. “To all the firstborn: blessed be they”, manifested.

However, his post on the aforementioned social network opened a thread of opinions in this regard, also generating a debate among all those who dared to comment and give their feelings about what is seen in said photograph and what, in reality, It could be happening within the family.

In the first place, there were those who agree with the author of the publication and assure that older siblings have always been predisposed to help care for other children. In the same way, there were other users who assured that, thanks to this, it is possible to form a character of greater responsibility.

However, not everything was rosy because another group of people would have revealed certain attitudes that exist behind that image and that cannot be seen with the naked eye. And it is that, no matter how old they are, the firstborn are still children and are not ready to do that type of housework.

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For example, they mentioned that a child should not worry about taking care of others, but about doing their homework and playing. Additionally, other firstborns commented on their discomfort about it, saying that they did not like to do that and that they were usually forced by their parents.

The photo, which originally had other purposes, opened a discussion thread on Twitter, which you can read in the following post:

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