The photos of Ali Vefa, Nazli, Ferman and Beliz of “Doctor Miracle” as elderly

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The soap opera “Miracle doctor”Became one of the most successful Turkish productions in various countries of the world, because the story of Dr. Ali Vefa managed to win over thousands of people. The Ottoman success has caused great surprise in Argentina and its final chapters were the most watched.

Miracle doctor” (“Miracle Doctor”, In his original language) tells the story of Dr. Ali Vefa, played by Taner Ölmez, since he arrived at the berhayat hospital in istanbul and that goes through a series of positive situations and some not so pleasant. He also meets Dr. Nazli Gülengü who little by little will become someone special in his life.

Released on September 12, 2019 in Turkey, “Doctor miracle“She knew how to position herself as the favorite of thousands of viewers. Thus, as a result of its great success, it quickly reached nations such as Greece, Albania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, among others. Over time, he also conquered Argentina, Peru, and Colombia.

Miracle doctor“It is based on” Good Doctor “, a Korean series that has also been adapted in the United States as” The Good Doctor “,”Miracle doctor”Tells the story of a young doctor with autism spectrum disorder who joins the pediatric surgery team at Istanbul hospital as a resident.

The followers and fans of the telenovela “Doctor miracle“They do not miss any chapter of this production and they even use social networks to search for information regarding the Turkish success. It is also used to watch the transmission of the next chapters or previous episodes.

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It should be noted that Chapter 64, in Turkey, and that in Argentina through Telefe was the 152, it was the reason for the fans to flood social networks as a result of the end of “Miracle doctor”, Where they showed their sadness for the culmination of the telenovela.

To the surprise of the followers of “Miracle doctor”In social networks, you could see some photographs corresponding to the final chapter but that could not go on the air. These photos were only used as promotional images of the soap opera.

In the snapshots you can see Ali Vefa, played by actor Taner Ölmez, as well as Nazli played by actress Sinem Ünsal, carrying her son.

Another of the surprises that the fans took is where the protagonists with several years of more could be seen with their son who graduates from school.

But not only to Ali Vefa and NazliIn fiction, they can be seen with various physical changes due to age, but also another of the characters that appears many years older is Ferman, played by Onur Tuna. Next to him, you can see Beliz (Hazal Türesan) who also feels the weight of the years.

A Ferman and Belize They can be seen with gray hair celebrating with Kivilcim’s daughter who graduated from university.

With the images it can be presumed that the couples became happy with the passage of time and formed their family.

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