The Pixel 5a can’t record for a long time in 4K, why?

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Every time a new phone comes out there are always many doubts about its operation and performance. This is something that happens in all firms and there are always both good and bad surprises that inform users and firms that they are the ones that put faces in the matter in the worst case scenario. And this time we have to talk about what has happened to one of the newer phones since the Pixel 5a can’t record for long in 4K.

A heat problem

As you know, the motherboards of any electronic device are the place where all the data movement is generated that you then see on the screen. This is a job for all the chips inside, which generates heat that somehow has to be mitigated or expelled. In the case of computers, it is vital that the box has space and that the ventilation is adequate, but a smartphone is somewhat more complicated.

And with this in mind we tell you what is happening to the Google Pixel 5a and its problems when recording in 4K. This resolution is one of the current limits to which a phone can aspire, in fact the Google phone arrives, but a message warns you of a problem that happens to the phone and for which it will not let you record more at least in this content.

According to Twitter user TechOdyssey, has suffered a problem when recording in 4K at 60fps with its Pixel 5a. In essence, after a few minutes of recording, the device has stopped recording under the message that the terminal was very hot and that you had to wait a few minutes. In fact, other users have reported that the problem persists even though the frames per second are lowered and that the shot was not being taken at a time of maximum heat like the one we are experiencing in many communities on the peninsula.

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Any upcoming solutions?

Being a temperature problem, the Pixel 5a suffers from a significant cooling problem and that can take its toll on Google. Of course, you would need some way to keep the terminal from getting hot and, of course, opening the terminal is not an option. The Mountain Viewers will have to decide whether to make any modifications to the next batch of units or to improve the software to block the message.


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