The playwright who promoted the protests in Cuba came to Spain in a surprise way

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Amid the surprise of his followers, the playwright Yunior Garcia Aguilera, creator of the dissident Archipelago Platform and promoter of the protests in Cuba, He arrived in Madrid on Wednesday with a tourist visa. The official press of the island considered his trip as the “Madrid epilogue for this play”.

“No one has spoken with him, he has not communicated,” he told TN via telephone the actor Daniel Triana, member and moderator of the Archipelago group.

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Why Yunior García Aguilera, the leader of the protests in Cuba, traveled to Spain amid strong secrecy

Yunior García and his wife Dayana Prieto had “unknown whereabouts” since Tuesday, according to the opposition group launched from Facebook and which brings together 37,000 members.

“Thank you very much to all the friends who have cared about us. We arrived in Spain, alive, healthy and with intact ideas. We have many people to thank for making this trip possible. I have been without communication for several days and I need to update myself on the situation of other members of the Archipelago. Very soon we will tell the odyssey. A hug! ”Said García Aguilera in a message posted on his personal wall of that social network.

Regarding the reasons for the trip, Triana said that “this dynamic has been applied by State security. They take you to a place where the options are jail, exile or silence your voice”.

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And he affirmed: “José Martí, the founding father of the Nation, spent most of his life in exile, first in Spain and later in the United States. Fidel Castro had to go into exile in Mexico. In recent history many people have been brought into this situation. That is the dynamic that accompanies Cuba ”.

According to the newspaper The country, García Aguilera had a long-term visa to enter Spain and pointed out that “discreet steps” had been carried out for days to make the trip.

What happened in Cuba after the opposition call to carry out “cacerolazos” as a form of protest

After the failed mobilization day launched by the Cuban opposition last Monday, amid reports of arrests and harassment of its main promoters, the Archipelago Platform called for “cacerolazos” at 9 pm until November 27, in addition to wearing white and carrying a white rose as a symbol of protest.

Sources consulted by telephone by TN in different neighborhoods of Havana, such as Alamar (east), Marianao (west) or the central Vedado, they said that there were no “casseroles” during Tuesday night.

What the Cuban official press said after the surprise trip of the leader of the protests to Spain

Yunior García Aguilera’s trip to Spain materialized after the playwright denounced that he had been “blocked” at his home since Sunday to prevent him from mobilizing in the so-called civic march for change. Archipelago even denounced Tuesday that its leader was with “unknown whereabouts.”

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After knowing his arrival in Madrid, the official site Cubadebate considered that the promoters of the “failed march” on Monday live from “paper on paper”, As the paper is called in Cuba.

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“In the last hours, the Facebook group that brings together the provocateurs and all the anti-Cuba mud machinery based in Miami or Madrid made a fuss about the alleged disappearance of the leader of the provocation and his wife and” demanded faith of life. ” “, wrote

And he concluded: “It was a new episode on the media scale to keep a little flame alive after the sound defeat on Monday. But la lie has short legs Madrid epilogue for this play”.

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