The Police find the three kidnapped children in Madrid and arrest the mother and her boyfriend

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Happy ending after ten days of uncertainty. UAJ National Police agents found the three missing children in good condition a few minutes ago in the Madrid town of Cadalso de los Vidrios in the company of their mother and current partner. The two adults have been detained and the children transferred to the residence school in the Madrid town of Aranjuez from where they were abducted by their mother.

The three children were in good health, but their mother Nieves and her partner David have been detained by the National Police agents who were in charge of the investigation and will be brought to justice, predictably accused of parental kidnapping. For now, both are waiting at the Plaza de Castilla police station to go to the judge on duty. The children were in good condition and at this time they have already been transferred to the Aranjuez school where they are interned. Disappeared SOS has deactivated your alert.

This very morning his father Miguel Cebrián he appealed to the mother of the children in OKDIARIO to give herself up together with the children. The Police and the Civil Guard requested an international search and arrest warrant for the mother and her possible accomplices, since the investigators always contemplated the possibility that the woman had received help. In this sense, Miguel, father of the minors, declared this afternoon in OKDIARIO that “the maternal grandmother knows more than she says.”

The State Security Forces and Bodies have searched all over Spain for Adán, Izan and Jonathan, aged five, seven and nine years, respectively, since their mother Nieves took them away from a supervised center in the Community of Madrid where they resided and He did not return them at seven in the afternoon on Sunday, November 14. His father, Miguel Cebrián, He explained to OKDIARIO this morning that he is convinced that “her mother knows more than she says and has her covered.” Miguel declared that the three children who disappeared in Aranjuez “cannot hide so easily” without someone’s help.

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The father of the minors has partial custody of the three children who had disappeared from Aranjuez since this summer, he has alternate vacations and weekends with them, since he has rebuilt his life, «I have my life on track, my partner and a girl year and a half ”, he explains and adds that“ he was in the process of recovering custody ”. Miguel believes that the mother’s flight with the minors was due to “the judicial claim that has reached the mother from a Toledo court.” The case is very reminiscent of the twins Jorge and Izán Ortiz, allegedly kidnapped by his mother Verónica, who has been in search and capture since last September, although this time the search has been resolved with a happy ending.

Nieves Renedo, the mother of the three children, picked up the minors at 1:00 p.m. but did not return with them at 7:00 p.m. to the Madre Teresa de Aranjuez children’s home. It is suspected that he left by Cercanías train from Aranjuez to Madrid, where he would have been picked up by another person, since she did not have a car those days when it was damaged.

That same night the Ministry of Family and Social Policy reported his disappearance at the Aranjuez police station. The UFAM agents of this location riparian quickly took over the investigation.

Mother, Nieves, 28, and the father, Miguel Cebrián, 30, they lost custody of the three children at the end of 2016 for alleged neglect of the minors. That same year they separated. Miguel explained to OKDIARIO that the two of us “fool around with drugs, but I recovered and was able to rebuild my life, she was later removed from custody of the two children.”

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