The Polisario Front denounces the murder of a minor in Western Sahara | International

The Polisario Front denounces the death of the 15-year-old teenager Baani Yeslem Sidi, who, according to the Saharawi organization, died on Thursday at seven in the afternoon bombarded by a drone launched by the Moroccan Army. The minor was traveling in a white Nissan Patrol car with his grandfather, Mohamed Yeslem Ahmed, 62, and his brother Mohamed, 6, according to the same sources to this newspaper. The Moroccan authorities have so far not referred to these events.

The death occurred in the town of Azaig, in the Aguenit region, in southern Western Sahara, 13 kilometers from the Mauritanian border and 110 kilometers from the wall built by Morocco. The Polisario Front calls this land a “liberated zone” because it is outside the control of the Rabat troops and the Moroccan media refer to it as a “militarized zone”.

Jatri Aduch, a member of the Polisario Front secretariat, indicated that the two brothers and their grandfather were near a water well where they usually take care of their camels. “Morocco launches its death technology targeting defenseless civilians while its military troops, entrenched behind the wall of shame, are subjected daily to attacks by the Saharawi Liberation Army, taking human and material losses.”

“This boy,” said a member of the Polisario Front who requested anonymity, “belongs to a nomadic family.” “He was traveling with his grandfather in the car in search of pastures, to a greener area. They had put the jaima in the car. The grandfather got out of the car for a moment and then he was attacked by the drone. The grandfather is very serious in the hospital. The boy has, in addition to a 6-year-old brother, three sisters: Yadmara, 12, Mana, four, and Fatima, two, “adds the same source.

While the social networks related to the Polisario Front denounce the murder of civilians, users in favor of Morocco accuse the Saharawi organization of sending minors “to the militarized zone.”

The Polisario Front’s complaint comes in the same week that the Israeli Defense Minister, former General Benny Gantz, visited Rabat to sign an unprecedented military cooperation agreement with the Moroccan authorities in the Arab world. This same week, the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, received the Moroccan Foreign Minister, Naser Burita, at the White House and expressed his support for the autonomy plan that the Alawite kingdom has offered since 2007 for Western Sahara. Rabat has since opposed the self-determination referendum established in 1991 by the United Nations with the signing of the ceasefire between both parties.

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On November 17, the Polisario Front denounced the death of 11 civilians in two attacks allegedly carried out by Moroccan Army drones. The victims were all men, between the ages of 18 and 35. The alleged bombings took place in the Miyek area, about 100 kilometers east of the security wall erected by Morocco in Western Sahara, according to the Polisario Front.

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