The Pope received Spider-Man!

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Spider-Man is recognized throughout the world as one of the most popular superheroes in history. The character’s movies, graphic novels, and merchandise earned the brand huge profits. Marvel. But not everything is money in the world of Peter Parker. There is also a place for solidarity and Spider-Man It is an icon that could well be used for that purpose.

Today pope francis provided a very special audience. Upon completion, he received the very Spider-Man who had waited for him to achieve the dream meeting. Francisco shook hands with this unique character who brought with him a moving story while gave a mask to the Pontiff.

Spider-Man Met the Pope!

There is a story behind the superhero: not peter parker the young man behind the mask. Your name is Mattia Villardita, 27, who uses the character’s charisma and popularity to visit hospitalized Italian children. A mission framed by love and solidarity that surely touched Francisco.

The brief conversation that the Pontiff and Spider-Man kept during their encounter. Francisco told Mattia: “There are also many boys here who want to say hello to you. You can go and say hello later.”. The Pope recognizes the importance of gestures like that of this young Italian who tries to bring joy to children.

“I disguised myself as Spider-Man to get a smile from the boys who are hospitalized. I do it because I have a congenital disease and for 19 years I went in and out of the hospital. I would have loved to see Spider-Man enter through the window of my room “, Mattia moved.

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