The possible release date of Android 12 is leaked

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Last week we saw how Google revealed the launch date of the new Pixel 6 through a post on Instagram. In a subtle way, it showed several photos of the new device with widgets showing, in all of them, the same date. Well, now it seems that there would also be a possible date to mark on the calendar, which would be none other than the Android 12 release.

In this case, instead of being a publication by Google, it has been an XDA Developers user who has discovered an internal document which could clearly reflect the release date of the new version of Google’s operating system.

Android 12 release date

This document has been published on Twitter by the user who has discovered it and in it you could see the launch of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) for Android, which usually coincides precisely with the public launches of new versions of the system. In this case, the document shows the date of the 4th of October like the day Android 12 will be released.

The truth is that taking into account the possible launch date of the Pixel 6, which everything indicates that it will be October 19, it makes sense that Android 12 will arrive just a couple of weeks before. Even more so, taking into account that the new Google devices would already come with the latest version of Google’s operating system.

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Also, with the arrival of the latest Android 12 beta 5 now available, Google reported that it would only be a matter of weeks so that the latest version of the system was officially released. A version that could reach all Google mobiles in the first instance from Pixel 3, although the truth is that Google has not ruled on this issue and therefore, it only remains to wait for it to officially report something. What does seem clear is that, if we do not have a Pixel, then the wait will be much longer.

Among the novelties that will arrive with the new version of Android, it should be noted that it leaves aside the well-known Material Design to give way to Material You. This implies that we will see a much smoother design and with larger elements, as has been seen in some leaks.

They would also come with a redesigned windows, widgets, animations and menu bars, with new colors and shading and some styles adapted to the theme that we have on our mobile. It will also allow greater customization in the icons, certain buttons will be included in the quick access menu, some modifications in the search bar or a redesigned menu when we click on any application installed on the mobile. However, we will have to wait if all these news are confirmed or not, but for now we will only see it on October 4 to be officially confirmed as the launch date of Android 12.


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