“The Power of Love: How One Person Can Make All the Difference”

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Ten years have passed since Fernando Verdasco and Ana Boyer met, with five of those years spent as a married couple. Throughout the years, they have traveled the world with a nomadic routine and now have two children, Miguel and Mateo. Their deep love and unbreakable bond remain constant. The couple recently appeared in an interview with Bertin Osborne, held at Isabel Preysler’s residence in Puerta del Hierro, Madrid, along with the tennis player’s family.

Living in Doha since 2016, the Verdasco family has adapted well to their new surroundings. Privacy and secure living offer them space to continue their daily routines, unaffected by jet lag. Fernando’s passion for photography is supported by this lifestyle, and the children are “all-rounders” who have traveled since the eldest was a week old.

When the family returns to Madrid, they stay at Isabel’s house, where they are treated like royalty. Fernando acknowledges his incredible relationship with his mother-in-law, while Ana has found a connection with the tennis player’s parents and sisters-in-law.

Their love story had a little help from the Preysler family, as the couple first locked eyes at an Enrique Iglesias concert in 2012. A year later, they started their relationship, and the rest is history. Fernando remembers a significant moment when he beat Rafa Nadal after 13 straight defeats, which made him reconsider his girlfriend at that time.

But the most anticipated event that Fernando and Ana are excited about is the wedding of Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva, which is to be held on July 8 at the Palacio de El Rincon. The couple is not going to miss this event and is excited to see their children have a leading role in their aunt’s wedding.

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In summary, Fernando Verdasco and Ana Boyer’s love has been constant over the past decade. They continue to travel the world and adapt well to their surroundings. With the support of their families, they have created a beautiful love story and look forward to new beginnings.

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