The PP asks the Government for explanations for blocking direct aid to tourism in the middle of summer

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The increase in restrictive measures has blown up the tourist forecasts of the Government of Pedro Sánchez for the summer season. A scenario to which we must add the delay in the processing and collection of direct aid after the impact of the coronavirus crisis. The popular parliamentary group has asked the Executive for explanations and has once again demanded the 4% VAT for tourist services and products.

In a battery of questions registered at the table of the Congress of Deputies to which this newspaper has had access, the spokesman for Tourism of the popular group, Agustin Almodóbar, points out the need to “considerably increase” the current allocation of aid, which it considers “absolutely insufficient”, in addition to modifying the access requirements.

Likewise, ask the Executive if he is speaking with the operators who claimed compensation from the State for the cessation of activity caused by the first state of alarm or if there will be any extraordinary line of aid nightlife due to the impact of restrictive measures.

It also asks the Government if it will approve any extraordinary line of incentives for the tourist recovery of the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as the Spanish coastal destinations with the greatest dependence on a more diminished foreign demand at present.

Sánchez forgets about British tourists

In this sense, the PP wants to know what have been the diplomatic efforts made with the United Kingdom to achieve the lifting of mobility limitations and if it is still not considered the assumption, even temporarily, some measure relative to the assumption of the cost of the PCR to attract flows from that country.

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You want to know if Spain plans to urgently implement an extraordinary communication campaign at the international level to improve the distorted image of the Spain Tourism Brand and if it maintains its forecast of reaching 37 million visitors and 35 billion revenue by international tourism in 2021.

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