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The premiere of You 3 on Netflix has already caused a sensation on social networks: what do the fans think?

New obsessions, challenges and murders arrived for the Goldberg family with the third season of You. Just a few hours ago, Netflix released ten new chapters in which Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti once again put themselves in the shoes of Joe and Love, two psychopaths who have now married. Although, as if this were not enough, they are not alone: ​​their son Henry came to the world that they must protect.

The third edition of You It was released after a long wait for COVID. But, now with the industry already working again, Netflix confirmed that it will not be the last and that there will be a quarter. In fact, this is what caused fans even more expectation: renewing a series without premiering a season implies that the story still has a long way to go.

So much so that the followers of You They did not hesitate to wait for the premiere time and in different countries they reacted on the new plot. In the town of Madre Linda, a warm northern California enclave, the protagonists met privileged tech entrepreneurs, critical blogging moms and famous Instagram biohackers. That is, new characters that completely changed the original idea of ​​Joe and Love.

Intending to pursue his role as father and husband, Joe promises to be a good man by leaving his past behind. But, Love’s deadly impulsiveness will cause him to succumb to his deepest fears. Ten episodes that undoubtedly caused a strong impact among fans who gave their first opinions on social networks.

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