The premieres that arrive at Movistar in 2022

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Finally 2022 has arrived and Movistar + has announced all its premieres in series and movies. Your biggest bet will be the documentary series Raphaelism in which rThe life of the well-known singer passes and his more than 60 years of musical career.

In addition, Movistar + premieres two new series on thriller Everyone lies and comedy We apologize for the inconveniences. Everyone lies is a fiction by Pau Freixas that has a great cast in which the actors Irene Arcos, Lucas Nabor, Natalia Verbeke, Miren Ibarguren, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Juan Diego Botto, Ernesto Alterio, Eva Santolaria, Amaia Salamanca and Jorge Bosch stand out in the that is told as a murder turns the guts of a group of friends. We apologize for the inconveniences It is, however, a fun comedy, in which well-known actors Miguel Rellán and Antonio Resines demonstrate how to grow up in the world of art and comedy with a lot of humor and irony.

Movistar 2022
We apologize for the inconveniences

Three new Movistar + originals

In addition to these premieres, three Movistar + originals will be released in 2022. Blackout whose five episodes will each feature a different director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Raúl Arévalo, Isa Campo, Alberto Rodríguez and Isaki Lacuesta. The inmortal a fiction starring Álex García, Emilio Palacios, Marcel Borràs, Jason Day, María Hervás, Teresa Riott, Claudia Pineda, Jon Kortajarena and Francis Lorenzo) and Rapa, an original series from the creators of Hierro that will feature actors Pepe Coira, Fran Araújo and Jorge Coira.

They will also be released second seasons of series that have had great success in the first installment as Unit, Nasdrovia, Paradise Y Supernormal. And we will enjoy new seasons of international successes such as the sixth of Outlander Y Billions, the third of The discovery of witches and premieres, such as British fiction The Responder a police thriller that will feature Martin Freeman.

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Movistar 2022

Cinema in Movistar +

How the Goya awards will arrive soon, at Movistar + will heat engines like movies like The good boss (Record of candidacies in the Goya with 20 and winner of the Forqué awards with the awards for Best Film and Best Actor to Javier Bardem), Maixabel (14 nominations at the Goya Awards and Forqué Award for Best Actress to Blanca Portillo), Mediterranean (7 nominations) and Liberty (7 nominations).

It will also be released in the first quarter the ninth installment of Fast & Furious and movies like Weather de M. Night Shyamaland o The infinite purge. Later films such as Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ghostbusters: AfterlifeY Venom: there will be carnage And one more year, Movistar + will broadcast the Oscar awards gala at the Hollywood Film Academy (at dawn from Sunday 27 to 28 March).

Finally, we remind you that in January it will also be released on Movistar + Crimes by Carles Porta, a documentary series of pure true crime In its Spanish version, which in its radio version won the Ondas for Best Radio Program 2021. In addition, it will also be the time for one of the spectacular nature reports from BBC Earth, Green Planet. A good start for Movistar + this 2022.

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