The president of FIFA was lapidary with the scandalous suspension of the classic Brazil-Argentina: “It’s crazy”

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For Gianni Infantino what happened in the match between Brazil and Argentina in San Pablo it was about “crazy”. This is how the FIFA president described the suspension of the match for the South American Qualifiers towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, although he did not advance what the international body’s determination could be.

“Last night, everyone saw what happened in the game between Brazil and Argentina, the two most glorious South American teams. Some officials, the police and the security forces entered the field after a few minutes of play and took the players off the field “Infantino said during a recorded speech at the General Assembly of the Association of European Clubs in Geneva.

“This is crazy. But we have to deal with these challenges that add to the coronavirus crisis “added the FIFA president, making it clear that the situation in Brazil went out of all the normal lanes of a sports competition.

FIFA has already received the first report on what happened in São Paulo and the events that led to the suspension of the match, and in a statement the Disciplinary Unit will begin to evaluate the issue.

Historical role of South American football

FIFA regrets the scenes that preceded the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina corresponding to the CONMEBOL qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a fact that deprived millions of followers of this match that faced the teams of two of the countries with the most soccer weight in the world, ”says the official statement.

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Possible sanctions that FIFA may apply

Brazil is not going to get it cheap. The scandal that caused the suspension of the match with Argentina for a new qualifying date will have serious consequences for the leading team of the tournament. In FIFA they are already evaluating the sanctions that could be very harsh. They analyze giving up the game for lost, taking it away from points and even the two meetings in case they consider that the fact was serious and they do not want it to be repeated in any other area.

The AFA leaders are reassured that they complied with what was agreed by Conmebol and all member organizations so that the qualification for the Qatar World Cup runs smoothly. The regulation indicates that all the players are members of a sanitary bubble and are exempt from the regulation of the common people.

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