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The Princess Diaries 3: Everything We Know So Far

Anne Hathaway became a household name with “Princess Diaries” And “Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”. This modern fairytale is about a plain Jane Mia Thompson’s transformation to a Princess of Genovia. The huge popularity of these two films caused the birth of a dedicated fan base and such similar Prince to Pauper transformation stories for years.

But, After the release of the second film in 2004, there was no sequel. A famous movie series often seems incomplete without a sequel or prequel. In 2018, the demand for a third movie and rumors started to make rounds. But is Princess Diaries 3 happening in reality? Let us check the facts and possible developments related to the release of a third movie down the lane-

Is Princess Diaries 3 happening?

Well, nothing is official till now. Everything is shrouded with a layer of mystery. But, the main cast and crew have talked about a possible storyline after the second movie was completed. Hence, fans can hope for a third sequel for sure. But, always take something with a pinch of salt!

2016: Garry Marshall said that the script was in the development stage

The director of this famous movie, Garry Marshall, had informed in 2016 that he was planning for a script of Princess Diaries 3. In March 2016, Marshall discussed the possibilities of this movie in an interview with “People.” Reportedly he made with Anne Hathaway to develop a script for the sequel in Manhattan.

He had said,

“I was with Anne Hathaway a couple of weeks ago, it looks like we want to do Princess Diaries 3 in Manhattan,”

. “Anne Hathaway is very pregnant, so we have to wait until she has the baby and then I think we’re going to do it.”

When he was asked about the possible inclusion of Chris Pine in the Movie, Marshall said,” Maybe… He’s quite big now, you know.”

But, this wonderful director breathed his last in the very same year. Hence, the news could not get a confirmation from the director anymore.

What did the author say?

 Do you know that the Princess Diaries movies are based on a book series? The best-selling author Meg Cabot is the brain behind such a modern story. Cabot indirectly confirmed the existence of the script in 2017. She sat in on an interview with “Entertainment Weekly” on July 28, 2017, to discuss the probability of the third story.

She said the third movie would be “kind of as a tribute” to Marshall. But, she refused to reveal anything other than this. She was quoted as, ”So, who knows? [It] could happen, as we say,”

She also added that the movies and the original book series were two different things and said, ” I think of them as two different universes.” Cabot also added her opinion by saying, “Like there’s The Princess Diaries universe that I created, which is, you know, amazing, and the Disney universe that they created, which is equally amazing. And, you know, there’s fans of both, and fans who actually kind of like both of them at the same time.

2019: Anne confirms the existence of the script

 In January 2019, Anne Hathaway discussed the probabilities on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” She said that all of the cast and crew wanted t it to happen, especially Julie Andrews. She also confirmed the news of the script development. Anne said, “There is a script for the third movie…. There is a script”.

Additionally, she also seems to be quite excited about this project. Her quote, “I want to do it. Julie [Andrews] wants to do it. Debra Martin Chase, our producer, wants to do it. We all really want it to happen. It’s just we don’t want to unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it. It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it, so…” confirmed the initial development of the story.

Anne Hathaway

What is the opinion of the other actors of the cast?

The movie had an ensemble cast composed of Julie Andrews (The Queen mother of Genovia), Chris Pine, Mandy Moore (Lana, cheerleader), Heather Matarazzo(Lilly Moscovitz, Mia’s best friend). All of them wanted to return to their roles in a modern age.

Chris Pine rooted for the third sequel

Chris Pine confirmed his eagerness to join a possible sequel on the Q&A session for “Entertainment Weekly” in 2016. He was asked, “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?”. Pine had famously answered, “Have you been reading my diary?”

Chris Pine in Princess Diaries 2

Heather Matarazzo and Mandy Moore also want Princess Diaries 3 to happen

Heather Matarazzo, who played the role of Lily, Mia’s best friend, also confirmed her eagerness to return to a third installment of the movie on July 29, 2016. Matarazzo sat in on an interview with “Cosmopolitan” for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the first movie and said, “If Annie and Julie are down, of course.”

Interestingly enough, Mandy Moore, who played the cheerleader Lana and the bully in the movie, wanted an interesting take on her character development. She wanted Lana to be a grown-up woman with a cameo in the possible third movie. Moore told “,” “If I’m going to be involved, I would be down for a cameo.” “Maybe she could make amends with Mia and apologize for being a bully when she was younger. She was insecure, going through a difficult time in her life, and [has now] reflected on why that wasn’t okay.”

Mandy Moore

Julia Andrews hopes for a fast development of the sequel

Recently, Julia Andrews rooted for the fast development of the third movie. In 2020, Andrews was seen in an interview with “The Talk.” She also indirectly revealed that the sequel was indeed on the cards.

Julia said, “I heard that there might be one.” She also added, “It’s long been talked about but nothing sort of been on my desk or anything like that. I think I would [do it]. I’m getting awfully old and crotchety. I’m not sure if it’s the right timing, but I think working with Annie [Anne Hathaway, who played Princess Mia] would be lovely again, and I’d be up for it. I think we should wait for—if a script comes in, let’s wait for that. Of course, we wouldn’t have the wonderful Gary Marshall, who was the director. He’s passed. And he was really the nuts and bolts of it all.”

Hence, one thing is clear. The third sequel is going to happen for sure. But, since there is no official news, fans need to wait and watch the development among the cast.

Possible “Princess Diaries 3” release date

The movie first got stalled after the sudden death of Gary Marshall in 2016. Since then, there has been no significant development related to it. Hence, there is no confirmed news on when the movie will start its production phase or get a release! So, keep your fingers crossed! It can happen anytime soon.

The possible cast of “Princess Diaries 3.”

As it seems, the main cast will return if the sequel happens. Anne Hathaway will return as the Princess heir Mia Thompson. Julie Andrews will also reprise her role as Clarisse Renaldi, the Queen Mother. Chris Pine may also reprise his role as Nicholas Deveraux. Heather Matarazzo may also reprise her role as Lily. The other cast members Hector Elizondo(Joe) (Viscount Mabery), may also return, but nothing is confirmed.


As it seems, die-hard fans may have to wait for a few more years for Princess Diaries 3 release. We will also update you if anything comes in between. 

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