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The product with international Mercadona awards that you will use in all your meals

Mercadona sells a product with basic international awards For all your meals, a national liquid gold that has been awarded in New York. Our olive oil is one of the treasures of the Mediterranean diet. Without it no meal can be complete, a few simple microwaved potatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil are almost magical. Raw, in a salad or on a bit of tomato bread, it is one of the secrets of a national gastronomy that stands out for being one of the healthiest and most balanced in the world.

The most desired Mercadona product that you are going to use in all your meals

The product with international Mercadona awards that you will use in all your meals

The basic elements of our kitchen are what make it stand out. The raw material really makes cooking a party and eating a pleasure. In these times, ready-made food puts our health at risk, but also our taste. Eating well does not involve a great investment of time or resources, and Mercadona shows us this.

One of the best olive oils in the world, awarded by New York experts will cost us just over 3 euros. One price for a small pot of liquid gold. A few years ago, one of the most basic snacks that existed was a simple piece of bread, with oil and for those with a sweet tooth a little sugar or a little tomato spreading the bread, oil and salt.

Spain is a olive oil producing country one of the longevity secrets of many people is food. Oil is an essential healthy fat for our body, if we combine it with cereals and vegetables we will find the secret of good health. Green beans with potato and olive oil can be a luxury dish thanks to this Mercadona product.

Casa Juncal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest produced by the Totaler Supplier Aceites Oro Bailén Galgón 99 SLU is one of the most sought after on Mercadona’s shelves. For 3.95 euros we can try a luxury oil at home, the liter will cost us 7’90, a price that we can assume if we take into account the benefits that we will achieve.

Give flavor, color and joy to any dishFrom a fried egg to a gourmet salad, with this Mercadona staple, the result is truly spectacular in every way.

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