The propaganda of the diet: Kim Jong-un is skinnier because he suffers the crisis along with the people

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The North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-un, looks thinner today and the state media, which monopolize the information in the communist country, took the opportunity to show that the maximum leader lost some weight because heHe feeds on a par with his people the regrets and prohibitions caused by the economic crisis.

Kim was photographed in recent meetings he held with the North Korean Workers’ Party. “He has lost some weight,” he wrote The Wall Strett Journal.

And this sudden thinness served the regime press to show that the ruler passes the same hardships as the population and that is why he is skinnier. A simple comparison between the old and new photographs shows that Kim has lost, for example, part of its traditional double chin.

The North Korean press took to the streets to interview “ordinary” citizens to ask what they thought about this sudden physical change in their leader.

Several people expressed concern for Kim’s health. “Broke our hearts when we saw that our beloved Secretary General had become emaciated, “said a middle-aged man wearing a straw hat and referring to one of Kim’s official titles, wrote the American newspaper

“The tears came naturally,” said the interviewee.

The health of the North Korean ruler is often a taboo subject in the Asian country. It has been this way since the inauguration of the first representative of the family dynasty, Kim Il-sung, who assumed power in 1948.

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Kim’s health

South Korean officials cited by The Wall Street Journal They said they didn’t notice any significant change in Kim’s health in recent weeks.

The South Korean intelligence services even conducted a comprehensive assessment on the issue last November. The conclusion was that the ruler, despite chronic smoking and obesity, seemed fine.

But observers in Pyongyang cited by the US newspaper feel that Kim’s more stylized figure has potential political undertones.

The idea, they said, is to provide North Koreans with a stark picture that the Supreme Leader of the Nation is suffering along with his compatriots facing food shortages and a severe economic crisis.

Kim even acknowledged North Korea’s dire food situation and urged the country’s leaders to address shortages stemming from lower agricultural production, which largely attributed to poor harvests caused by typhoons last summerO.

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