The Province of Buenos Aires detected the first case of community transmission of the Delta variant

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Buenos Aires Minister of Health Nicolás Kreplak announced that this Monday the first case of community transmission of the Delta variant was detected in the Province. Is about a neighbor of Lanús. “There is a case, which we detected yesterday, which is of a person with no connection to travel,” he said.

Kreplak stressed that in recent weeks the number of confirmed cases fell by 86%, well below the valley of February 2021.

The official also shared that there are six districts that do not register contagions from August 15: Alberti, Benito Juárez, General Alvear, General Guido, Tordillo, Villarino.

As for the Delta variant, Kreplak said that 58 cases were detected, 55 of international travelers, 2 cases associated with imports, a case with no antecedent yet identified. In addition, 49 of the 58 cases have already completed their isolation.

Yesterday, the provincial Ministry of Production announced the enabling of more cultural activities and the expansion of general capacity, since massive events for up to 1,000 people may be held; and up to 70% of the maximum capacity of the spaces for the performance of shows will be admitted.

Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health reported that 87.41% of people between 18 and 59 years old, without comorbidities, who enrolled in the Vacunate provincial plan are already vaccinated, which means that 4,275 are already in that situation. .734 of Buenos Aires.

The official report yesterday indicated that 10,596,364 people received the first dose and 4,617,709 the second.

In the age group from 18 years to 59 without comorbidities, there are 4,275,734 vaccinated, representing 87.41% of a total of 4,891,861 registered.

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In the same age segment, but with comorbidities, 2,250,050 people are already vaccinated.

In the range of 12 to 17 with risk conditions, 118,824 are vaccinated, which represents 66.92% of the 140,524 registered.

Regarding people over 60 years of age, 97.88% of the 2,634,035 registered have already been vaccinated, which means that 2,578,055 are inoculated.

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