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The PSOE celebrates the day of «energy saving» with the Spanish paying the most expensive electricity in history

With the light price at all-time highs, companies paralyzing their activity due to the cost of energy and skyrocketing inflation, the PSOE celebrate this Thursday the International Day of Energy Saving with joy. “We advance for a just and ecological energy transition”, proclaims on social networks.

The publication of the PSOE is causing mockery among its audience. And the PP has not missed the opportunity to troll its political adversary with this tweet: “For the PSOE, moving forward is that you have to turn off the light, unplug the oven, the iron, the washing machine …”

World Energy Saving Day is celebrated every October 22 with the intention of having a conscious use of energy and taking care of the environment. However, this year comes at a very inopportune moment for the political interests of the Government since the increase in the price of energy has become a reason for survival for homes and companies.

The cost of electricity has an influence on the entire production chain and has a direct impact on prices. In September, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) marked its maximum in 13 years, climbing up to 4%.

The light set this Wednesday an average price of 201.4 euros per megawatt / hour (€ / MWh). A situation that has already become a classic over the last three months in Spain, but which does not correspond to the reality of other European countries, where the escalation has been contained. Thus, the price paid yesterday in Spain was up to 150% higher than that paid in countries such as France O Germany.

In Spain, on the contrary, putting the washing machine at 12 at night is no longer the solution. After many months of government propaganda about what hours were the cheapest to put the electrical appliances, the latest measures of Pedro Sanchez to try to stop the spectacular climb of the light price they have almost completely annulled the famous time periods.

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