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The Qualifications Needed to Apply for the WIC Program

The American Union’s Various Financial Aid Programs

The American Union has various financial aid programs to provide relief to the most needy people, those who struggle every day to put food on their table. Although the most popular is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP for its acronym in English, the truth is that there is another very similar and that very few people know about, the WIC Program, intended only for low-income women, babies and children (Women, Infants & Children).

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Eligibility for the WIC Program

To be eligible for monthly payments from the WIC Program, you must show that you are at “nutritional risk” which means that you have some medical or dietary condition; for example, anemia, having to lose or gain weight, or having a poor diet. Of course, the determination must be made by a doctor, nurse or nutritionist.

You must also live in one of the states of the American Union, Washington DC, Guam or the Virgin Islands and have income between 100% and 185% of the federal level of poverty. In addition, you must fall into one of these categories to be eligible:

How to Apply for the WIC Program

The official site of the WIC Program has a pre-selection tool, with which you can check whether or not you meet the necessary requirements to be a beneficiary. To issue the application as such, you must attend one of the Program offices. Here you can find a list of state agencies, based on your location.

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