The Queen Denied Harry and Meghan permission to move to Windsor Castle

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According to new reports, the Queen rejected a proposal from Harry and Meghan after their wedding, in 2018, in which they asked for permission to move to Windsor Castle.

Although the couple is now happy in the United States watching their two children grow up, it is said that this refusal of the Queen could have been one of the drops that broke the camel’s back for the Dukes of Sussex, who decided to give up their active role in the royal family.

After becoming engaged to Harry, Meghan moved with him to a small two-bedroom dwelling at Kensington Palace. However, they wanted more space to start their family once they were married.

According to the “Sunday Times”, the Queen was asked if they could live in Windsor Castle. “The couple asked the Queen if they could have living space available to them right after their wedding.”

The Queen took the question as offensive, told them no, and offered to hand over Frogmore Cottage to them.

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