The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 Release Date Updates And More

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The Queen’s Gambit premiered last year with a huge bang and won the hearts of many people. This series undoubtedly makes a place in the “Likes” category of everyone.  Netflix subscribers were crazy about the show when it aired last year, and checkerboard sales were soaring around the world, so fans were dying to know if there were any more episodes coming soon. However, the drama and story were announced as a limited series and were based on a Walter Tevis book that has no sequel, but people asked if they could see more of the piece. So will you be able to enjoy the second season of this spectacular series? Let’s see it here.

Are the rumors for the second season true?

The second season of this show is pretty unlikely at this point. Especially after all the comments from the executive producer. But he went on to say that both he and creator Scott Frank were pleased with the idea the series ended with, and apparently scrapped the second series in the process. They said, “We felt that the series had a satisfactory ending, and we would allow the audience to find out what was going to happen next for Beth Harmon.”

“Nothing has changed, although fans are asking for more on my Twitter feed. Scott and I appreciate the integrity of Beth’s story.” In saying all of this, he was making his views known to the public. Some stars on the show seemed to suggest that there was still a slim chance of another season. 

In October 2020, Anya Taylor Joy told Town and Country magazine, “If I’ve learned anything in this industry, it means never say never.” She added, “I love the character and would definitely come back” if she is asked. “Though she also said that the show she put her lovely efforts on ends in a ‘wonderful place’. “You can’t overdo it with a plot that might lose its overall essence. Actress in March 2021, Taylor Joy further underscored the fact that she hasn’t ruled out a return to the character later, though she admitted it was unlikely in the near future.” It’s incredibly flattering that people want to spend more time with characters we care about and love so much. All of these words were spoken by the actor.

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There might be chances of Season 2

Co-star Harry Melling was also enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a sequel and said: “It would be nice, wouldn’t it, the second part of Queen’s Gambit? Where we end up in the limited series, we end up in the book. I don’t know if there could be anyone else, but stranger things have happened.”

Executive producer William Horberg‘s comments, however, seemed less promising, although he acknowledged the creative team enjoyed talking about what’s next on the scene Story could happen, he doesn’t seem convinced there was another series to follow, but still, he was excited.

“The last scene feels like a nice touch to end the show, so I’m not sure whether we want to answer that question, “he later explained.” Maybe we can get the audience to imagine what’s next. “

It was clear that it should also be noted that Netflix always renews its programs pays special attention to audience figures and given the huge success of The Queen’s Gambit, the streamer may still be interested in reviewing it for another series Life. Viewers are still waiting to see new episodes.

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