The radical change of Sebastián Stan

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This year and after the end of the Avengers in 2019, phase four of Marvel began and, the first indications of this new beginning occurred with the series that were published on Disney +. And one of them was The Falcon and The Winter Soldier which starred Anthony Mackie as Falcon and Sebastián Stan in the skin of The Winter Soldier.

Sebastián Stan y Anthony Mackie como Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Photo Credits: (Disney+)

With only six episodes and one season, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was one of the most successful fictions of the new phase of the MCU and, in fact, Sebastián Stan and Mackie positioned themselves as the favorites of this era. So much so that, at present, although they have not yet confirmed new jobs with the largest Hollywood studio, they already have different projects in their career.

In fact, Stan is one of those who already focuses, squarely, on the recordings of Pam&Tommy, a series that will star alongside Lily James where both actors will play the respective roles of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. However, this strip made him radically change the actor in his look to the point that he is unrecognizable.

Sebastián Stan in his role as Tommy Lee.  Photo: (@imsebastianstan)

Sebastián Stan in his role as Tommy Lee. Photo: (@imsebastianstan)

However, it should be noted that the largest change in Sebastián Stan it was after passing through Gossip Girl. Because, although it seems incredible to believe, the interpreter and now figure of Marvel and action, began his career giving life to Carter Baizen, the villain of the teenage strip that generated so much fury between 2007 and 2012 and, today, he revived thanks to the reboot broadcast by HBO Max.

Sebastián Stan when he played Carter Baizen.  Photo: (IMDB)

Sebastián Stan when he played Carter Baizen. Photo: (IMDB)

At just 24 years old at the time, Stan was one of the most loved, but also hated, actors on the strip. Even so, what is surprising seeing him today is the incredible change that the actor made both in his physique and in his look. At that time he did not have a beard and long hair like now, but one thing is certain: this modification in his work helped him to demonstrate his versatility when it comes to acting..


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