The real reason Angelina Jolie joined Eternals

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In a matter of months, the long-awaited adventure will hit theaters Eternals, which promises to be full of action and epic sequences, starring the characters more powerful than him Marvel Cinematic Universe have submitted. Those responsible for the film are very sure of the work they did, especially its director, the Oscar winner, Chloe Zhao. She had at her disposal a cast full of stars, among which is Angelina Jolie. Why is the actress of malefic joined this project?

In an interview that Jolie gave to the D23 medium of Disney, the interpreter confessed that she joined the film without any fear of the length or scale of her character. She was excited at the real possibility of being a member of a “different family” as the one that will be presented in the next entry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Angelina Jolie and her reason for joining the MCU

“This was the real reason I wanted to make the movie. It was to be part of such a diverse family. I didn’t really care about the size of the paper.”, expressed the actress. The experienced Jolie added: “It is a unique experience. They ask you to come in, but they don’t tell you anything about the story or the role. You walk in, you walk past character uniforms hanging on the walls wondering what they have in mind for you. “

On the other hand, Salma Hayek spoke of his experience working with Angelina Jolie. Both actresses were hyper-focused on their work and there was no room for distractions: “We didn’t start when there were a lot of distractions. When we started, you would show up and you had better pay attention. And we are both very curious about all aspects of cinema.”

Eternals tells the story of a millennial alien race that lived hidden on Earth for years until the arrival of the Deviants. Then the mighty heroes will emerge from the shadows to face this group of villains. The film stars Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani and Barry Keoghan, among others. The film will hit theaters next November 5th.

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