The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Divorced

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The name jennifer Lopez has the peculiar characteristic of being one of the most important in the history of Latinos, since it has left Spanish speakers in the United States and the world high, thanks to her artistic skills and hard work.

Professional dancer (shown in the Super Bowl LIV-, actress of great Hollywood productions such as A Very Dangerous Romance, according to critics (Rotten Tomatoes)) and interpreter of musical hits such as On The Floor, however she lived a difficult episode years ago with who she believed would be the love of her life.

Although currently the singer is giving herself a new opportunity in her love life with former boyfriend Ben Affleck, not everything has been “pink”, because years ago she ended her best-known marriage, next to Marc Anthony, creating a wave of speculations that to date have pursued what was a great love story, although she has already told her version of events.

What seemed to be the new great couple of successful “Latinos” fulfilling the American dream, ended up being a subject of cheap gossip magazines in supermarket aisles. After Jennifer Lopez announced her media divorce almost immediately, speculations overwhelmed the singers because there was talk of an alleged infidelity on the part of the singer, as well as alleged manipulations about her in aspects of how to manage her professional career and how to be a mother, but it would be time later that López would tell the truth behind her decision being even more controversial and confusing everything.

From a musical work to “Yes, I accept”

It all began in 1998 when he performed great musical successes such as Vivir Mi Vida, Tu Amor Me Hace Tanto Bien and De Vuelta Pa’ La Vuelta appeared in a musical play on Broadway, apparently she was there working thanks to the fame she had already obtained for productions such as Anaconda -which earned her a nomination for Best Actress in the Saturn Award– or even the biographical film of the Queen of Tex Mex, Selena Quintanilla. Some time later, La Diva del Bronx said that that night the salsa singer confessed to her: “One of these days you will be my wife”, a sentence that became a reality many years later.

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Almost a year after their crush, time in which various media began to suspect that this was more than a simple passing taste on the part of both since they could be seen too often. Marc asked him to appear in the video for his song No Me Conoces, which would be part of his 1997 album Contra la corriente. The celebrity agreed on the condition that they join their voices in a song that has become a romantic classic, No Me Ames, included in her album On the six.

Unintentionally, this song has become one of his greatest classics, because the idea arose when López and Anthony were just friends, a simple coincidence when he visited the recording studio in which the New Yorker worked on the aforementioned album. López achieved his mission in the favor he had asked the singer and that was how he collaborated some time later with the Puerto Rican.

As a curious fact, the single, which is the homonymous translation of an Italian hit released in 1992, tells the story of a man victim of an incurable disease, so he prefers to end up with his partner as long as she does not suffer the consequences of her state of health. If we read carefully the lyrics written by the Spaniard Ignacio Ballesteros, we can realize the painful narration: “Because you can’t, we are a mirror and you would be what I reflect of me.”

A wedding full of controversy for his former partners

They married on June 5, 2004, in a ceremony that took place between surprise and mystery, because Marc had only four days of having made his divorce official, being a scandal in Hollywood newspapers that did not augur well for the new marriage, because she also came from great problems linked to her sentimental life, where even the cancellation of her wedding with which she could now again try to marry, Ben Affleck, continued to haunt her despite the time since the actor of The Batman already had a great reputation in the United States and the acting guild to which she also belongs.

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It was a very discreet link that took place in the house of the interpreter in Beverly Hills, very much in the style of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston who had married four years earlier. Perhaps the media situation did not help so that the wedding was a great expensive and exclusive event as are the weddings of American celebrities, but it began the love story that many still remember because it was thought that they would be united forever in marriage.

Twins Emme and Max

In February 2008 her twins, Emme and Max, were born, and the picture of family happiness seemed complete. Her life as a married woman and mother gave her a very different aura than that of a diva or ruthless ambitious woman. As a result of their love and perhaps as a symbol of union that will keep them together forever, the now not so small, became an essential part of the personal and artistic life of both, because they have influenced the creation of great songs that now other parents dedicate to their children without knowing the whole background of the story.

From “lived happily ever after” to episodes of crisis and anxiety

After all the rumors came the announcement of the end of their marriage, it was until years later López decided to tell his truth in a more intimate way and with a format that was not interpreted as if he did it for money, fame or to relive his great years in the music industry, since although his incursions outside of pop music have turned out very well with the tendency to reggaeton, giving hits like El Anillo, Ni Tu Ni Yo and Se Acabó El Amor.

It would be in her book True Love, a book in English and Spanish released on November 4, 2014 (a portion of the proceeds went to the Lopez Family Foundation, a non-profit organization co-founded by her, which is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women and children) where the singer revealed the real reason for her breakup:

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“I was sitting while I was putting on makeup and suddenly I felt my heart go out of my chest and I couldn’t breathe, I started to feel anxiety. I wondered what was wrong with me and I went to my manager to tell him that something was going on because I felt like I was going crazy,” the artist said, referring to a panic attack she suffered at that point in her life that prompted her to divorce her then-husband Marc Anthony. “My mother was also there and came over to my side. It was one of those moments when you’re scared but you can’t scream, I looked at Benny and my mother and uttered those words: ‘I can’t go on with Marc’. Then I burst into tears,” he added.

“No one knew what I was going through. I had two kids, I was on American Idol at the time and my single On the Floor was number one all over the world, but my relationship was fading and I was terrified.”

JLo and Ben Affleck

The most popular couple of the moment in the world of entertainment because after the actor and the singer met in 2002, during the filming of Gigli and began to organize what seemed to be the wedding of the year in the United States, but was canceled, now they give a second chance to love, where there is even talk of completing their wedding now.

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