The real reason Netflix won’t make a Lucifer season 7

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The sixth and final season of Lucifer streaming service arrived Netflix last Friday, September 10, closing one of the most successful stories of the platform. It is a sad farewell for both the production and the fans, who envisioned a future with more of the series. Here we will tell you the truth behind the ending and why it did not have the possibility of a renewal.

The path of the show based on the DC Comics comics has not been easy at all. It began airing in early 2016 on the Fox screen, long before it was acquired by Disney, but after the third installment they announced that it had been canceled. In the first explanations of the executives they remarked that it was a rather expensive product and that it was not profitable for them at the time.

Once the bad news was confirmed, fans filled social networks with messages under the hashtag #SaveLucifer and Netflix was the one who listened to them to make a fourth installment, which contains an episode called “Save Lucifer” in honor of the campaign. Both the company and the filmmakers agreed that season 5 should be the last, but fans were heard once again for a sixth.

+ Why Lucifer will not have season 7

In a recent interview with the medium Entertainment Weekly the showrunners of the series explained that season 5 was perfect to end and they were afraid of ruining everything by making a 6. Nevertheless, New plans emerged for the plot and ensured that the sixth installment was the ideal opportunity to close the arcs of all the characters properly, something that would have been done more quickly in the fifth.

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“It’s the story we were always going to tell, but written in a longer way and, in my opinion, in a much more interesting way. It breaks my heart to think that we weren’t going to do it this way. We want to explore how our characters end the way they end. “said Ildy Modrovich. Considering they took one more season to finish Lucifer in the best way, there would be no point in making a seventh installment.

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