The real reason why Alba Flores could have left La Casa de Papel

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The fourth season of The Money Heist shocked all fans by a fateful loss: Nairobi was assassinated in the middle of the coup she was carrying out with the band that accompanied her in the first three editions. His loss not only surprised the most famous and feared robbers in the world, but also all the followers of the series, who did not understand why.

However, on September 3, The Money Heist will premiere volume one of what will be the fifth and final season. So much so that, for a long time, it was speculated that Alba Flores could return to the creation of Álex Pina in flashback format, as did Berlin (Pedro Alonso), after his murder in the first part.

Nairobi in one of its last scenes. Photo: (Netflix)

However, the photo at the end of the shoot could be an indication or, indeed, a confirmation that Flores will not be part of the last chapters of this story. And, for that reason, many asked again why the actress left the strip beyond a possible end of contract and, strangely enough, there is an explanation.

The photo from the end of the shoot.  Photo: (Netflix)

The photo from the end of the shoot. Photo: (Netflix)

In fact, which revealed why Alba dropped out The Money Heist It was the radical change of look that the interpreter made in her hair. The decision to modify his style like this is due to the fact that it was a request for his new job: Lost fagot, a production that asked her to have totally dark hair with curls, very different from the Nairobi with extremely long hair and a ponytail.

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In this new job, Alba Flores, in addition to her new appearance, plays a woman named Lola, the protagonist’s best friend in her university stage. This series is, without a doubt, very different from Netflix, since they are the autobiographical memoirs of its creator Bob Pop in a strip with much-needed lights and shadows that coincided with the week of LGBTQ Pride.

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