The reason Patrick Dempsey left Grey’s Anatomy!

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Dereck Shepard He was one of the characters most loved by the followers of Grey’s Anatomy and there was a lot of surprise when in season 11 of the series the surgeon died after being run over. What were the reasons that led to this creative decision? Fans insist there was still a place in the award-winning show for the doctor who took over the heart of Meredith Grey.

Some time ago, Patrick Dempsey confirmed that when they recorded the show there was a “toxic environment” in the team. Although he did not identify any actor or actress within the cast, this statement served to clarify the mystery of his estrangement from Grey’s Anatomy. There is a precedent for a disagreement on the part of the interpreter. But what did the rest of the protagonists think of him?

Why did Patrick Dempsey leave Grey’s Anatomy?

This is where the unauthorized post about the show revealed some unknown questions about Dempsey and his attitude. It seems that the actor terrorized the rest of the cast, even generating post traumatic stress in some of them. More information? Patrick Dempsey had deep differences with the creator of the program, Shonda Rhimes.

The data comes from interviews with cast members where there was also time for James Pariott, executive producer, will highlight: “It wasn’t sexual or anything like that. But he basically terrified others. Some of the cast members had PTSD because of him.”. The figure that Dempsey built as the Doctor Shepard it is far from this reality that occurred behind the camera.

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“Many of the complaints were about him. I think Shonda finally witnessed it on her own skin, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Shonda ended up saying that if he didn’t leave, she would do it herself. Nobody wanted him to leave because he was the series “, remarked the show’s producer, Jeannine Renshaw. Finally, the team behind Grey’s Anatomy made the healthiest decision and let go Patrick Dempsey, saying goodbye at the same time to the dear Doctor Shepard.

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