The reason that makes The Kissing Stand 3 a hoax

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Joey King became one of the biggest youth stars since starring in The Kisses Stand. Along with Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney, the actress carried this story forward as Elle Evans, but as everything begins, everything ends. This is because, just a few hours ago, Netflix published the third and last tape of this trilogy.

In the film Elle Evans (King) has the difficult task of deciding which university to go to, being that, one way or another, it will break the hearts of the two people she loves the most: her boyfriend (Elordi) and her best friend (Courtney) . Following the story of the first two parts, The Kisses Stand 3 became one of Netflix’s top premieres.

However, not everything is rosy. Well, it should be noted that this trilogy was, in a certain part, a hoax. The fact is, fiction lied about the age of the characters and actors who gave life to this controversial trio that stars in the story. So much so that, from Spoiler, we tell you the true age of each of the interpreters.

How old are the protagonists of El Stand de los Besos?

Joey King – Elle Evans:

When this adventure began as Elle, Joey King was only 17 years old. However, during the filming of The Kisses Stand 3 turned 22 years old.

She Evans. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

Jacob Elordi – Noah Flynn:

In the first film, Jacob Elordi was 21 years old. But now, the actor finished this trilogy at the age of 24.

Joel Courtney – Lee Flynn:

Although he is Noah’s younger brother in fiction, in real life he is a year older than him. That is, in 2018 when it was released The Kisses Stand 1 was 22 years old, while now he is 25.

Lee and Rachel.  Photo: (IMDB)

Lee and Rachel. Photo: (IMDB)

Meganne Young – Rachel:

She is the oldest of the entire youth cast since, even though she plays a student, in March of this year she celebrated her 31st birthday.


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