The reason why Disney premieres all Pixar movies in streaming

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Disney announced that the next release from the studio behind gems like Toy Story Y Finding Nemo It will go straight to your platform. The reasons behind this decision.

Disney acquired Pixar in 2006.
© GettyDisney acquired Pixar in 2006.

It is clear that the context is far from normal and the pandemic the coronavirus it still continues to affect the various industries, including film. In Hollywood trying to recover from the closing of theaters and the drop in ticket sales, with Spider-Man: No way home as a lighthouse, which in this situation has already positioned itself within the historical top 10 at the box office in less than a month since its world premiere.

In the last days, Disney surprised with the decision that the next project of Pixar, Turning Red, go straight to Disney+. The studio bought the company in 2006 for $7.4 billion and has since controlled the distribution of its animations. What is striking is that the last three films of Pixar They went straight to streaming, without going through the rooms, unlike others carried out by Walt Disney Animation, What Charm Y Raya and the last dragon that did premiere on the big screen.

Variety presented a report outlining a hypothesis that could justify the decision not to take the films to the cinema and that they be seen directly by Disney+. It is clear that it is a purely economic decision and that the studio has hardly lost money, and this is something that the media analyst believes Jeff Bock, which assured the aforementioned medium: “The fact that they’ve done it three times in a row makes me think it’s really helping.”. Furthermore, he defined this strategy as “a risky move with his best chess piece”.

The latest release of Pixar that reached the theaters was Onward, at the beginning of 2020. They then followed Soul, Luca and now Turning Red (to be released on March 10), all premiering directly on Disney+. It is clear that the pandemic contributed its own and that these are films that are aimed at an audience, the family, who no longer goes to the movies so much to take care of their health. But in Variety also explain another reason behind this: the idea of ​​boosting the consumption of Disney+ and attract more users with a more exclusive catalog.

The case of Encanto, the first animated release to only reach the cinema in a pandemic

Disney still betting on the big screen despite the fact that his strategy with Pixar be different. Just think what they did with Charm, the film set in Colombia that had an exclusive 30-day window in the cinema, in which it managed to raise just over 215 million dollars. It is clear that this income is far from ideal, for a production that cost close to 150 million dollars, but if you take into account the coronavirus, maybe you can see the glass half full.

Watch Encanto and many more exclusive releases at Disney+. You can subscribe to the platform through this link.

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