The reason why Elite Carla Díaz keeps her hair short

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Unlike the other female stars from Las Encinas who have long hair, Ari stands out for her pixie cut.

The character played by Carla Diaz plays a fundamental role in Elite 4 and it happened to be one of the favorites of the series. Sure, like the rest of the cast, she too has a unique style worth copying.

In an interview with Vogue Spain, they talked about the stylistic characteristics of Ariadna.

“Tulle, vibrant colors, elegant ensembles, baggy sleeves, the teen with the pixie haircut is probably the closest thing to a modern Spanish Audrey Hepburn.”

Carla He said: “At first we tried a more serious type of wardrobe, but we found that it did not help as much.”

As for her hair, it was not a change that was made for the fiction of NetflixSince it’s been like this for a while, and there’s a reason.

In an interview during 2020, Carla was asked “Why don’t they let you have long hair?”

Find out their answer in the video above.

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