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The reason why Kate Bishop dresses as Ronin instead of Hawkeye – MRT

The Hawkeye trailer has confirmed that Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) will be disguising herself as Ronin in the MCU. This detail has caught the attention of Marvel fans, because she is supposedly a follower of Hawkeye as Avenger. Why does Kate Bishop copy the costume of Ronin, the vigilante who killed the most dangerous criminals in the world?

Bishop choosing to become Ronin and not Hawkeye (despite his archery skills) speaks to the kind of place his character finds himself in at the beginning of the series. Barton originally created “Ronin” when he had nothing left and was on a bloody crusade against gangsters. So to audiences, Ronin is less of a superhero and more of a cold-blooded vigilante who kills criminals. With this in mind, it could be that Bishop is on a similar path. Rather than disagreeing with what Barton did in Endgame, she can see him as a model for what she needs to do to achieve her goal.

Before deciding to assume the identity of Hawkeye, Bishop can turn into Ronin to hunt down gangsters who did harm to his family in some way. A tragedy in Bishop’s MCU backstory could make revenge his original motivation for fighting crime. At the moment, the actual role of Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother, on the show is being kept under wraps and is probably closely tied to the story of the new Hawkeye.

MARVEL | Hawkeye trailer

Either way, Bishop wearing the Ronin disguise to get revenge or kill gangsters could explain why Hawkeye ultimately takes Bishop under his wing, regardless of his skill with the bow.

In the Hawkeye trailer, Barton is clearly ashamed of the things he did as Ronin between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, so he would have a big problem with someone finding inspiration in his mistakes. If Barton feels some degree of responsibility for Bishop’s direction, he might seek to help her find a better way forward.

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