The reason why Marvel still does not publish the trailer for “Spiderman: no way home”

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The reason why Marvel still does not publish the trailer for "Spiderman: no way home"

There is still half a year before the premiere of Spiderman: no way home. It will be on December 17 when Tom Holland fans and loyal fans of Marvel return to see the British actor playing the superhero in a red suit at the end of the adventures of Peter Parker along with a possible Spiderverse in which Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, his predecessors, could participate.

So it is so, Spiderman: no way home is being, next to Black Widow, one of the most anticipated films of phase four of Marvel. It is not only the return of Tom Holland as the super arachnid, but it is also the secrecy around the plot that this film will have that is causing more and more expectation. It is still unknown if the previous Spiderman will be part of the multiverse, but there is an old acquaintance who will: Alfred Molina as Dr. Octopus.

Fans are still looking forward to the return of Peter Parker. Photo: (Marvel)

However, just as they eagerly await it, Spider-Man fans are also very offended. It is that, for weeks, the production of the film has been trolling them about the official trailer which, despite the arduous requests of all, still has not arrived. And, in fact, around this advance many dates have also been speculated.

At first it was even said that the first advance would arrive on June 1, in honor of Tom Holland’s birthday, but as is evident it did not happen. Then another leak came: the trailer was expected for today, June 10, but the response from the official Spiderman networks again proved the opposite: they assured that fans have to stop trying to guess the date and keep waiting.

That’s why, since Spoiler, we have a theory about the real reason why Marvel still does not make public the trailer of Spiderman: no way home and it is very simple: the calendar still does not allow it. But, to better explain, we must review the latest releases of the franchise, starting from Wanda Vision, passing by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Black Widow and ending in Loki.

Apparently, the average publication of a trailer is a month, maximum two, before the premiere of the film / series. For example, the first preview of WandaVision arrived on December 10, 2020 and the first chapter of the strip was released a month and five days later: on January 15, 2021. Then, in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier The exact same thing happened: the trailer arrived on February 7, 2021 and the miniseries on March 19, 2021, that is, a month and 12 days later.

The trailer still hasn't arrived.  Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

The trailer still hasn’t arrived. Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

On the other hand, there is also the latest premiere, that of Loki. As for the Tom Hiddleston series, Marvel It was extended a little more than estimated and the first trailer arrived on April 5 of this year when the strip premiered just 24 hours ago, on June 9. Although, in the case of Black Widow It is a bit more complex since, due to the premiere changes that the film underwent, the trailer was far ahead of what was agreed.

That is why, according to this calendar that the MCU was managing in regards to phase four, there is nothing more to wait. Well, it is likely that the first trailer of Spiderman: no way home be released between October and November of this year since the film will arrive only at the end of the year.

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