The reason why Roberto Palazuelos no longer sued Luis Miguel, the series

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In 2018, the actor could not hide his annoyance over the character of “Bobby” and how his relationship with Luis Miguel was portrayed.

The first season of Luis Miguel, the series It showed the singer’s youth, as well as the circle of friends who accompanied him in his years of partying. Miguel Alemán Magnani, Jorge Donkey Van Rankin and Roberto Palazuelos were personified.

However, both Donkey, as Palazuelos expressed their annoyance at the way their story was told.

And it is that Bobby, the character based on Roberto Palazuelos, was personified as a lover of excesses, conceited, unaware and envious of the success that Micky was achieving.

Was it true?

In various interviews, the Mexican actor and businessman declared that although he lived with Luis Miguel as children and very young, they were never really so intimate. He clarified that those who were and continue to be his closest friends are Miguel Alemán Magnani and Donkey.

However, he said he was defamed by the bioseries, for which he would take legal action.

Three years after this … what were your intentions?

The details, in the video above.

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