The reason why Shakira’s children don’t listen to her music

While the whole planet plays the music of Shakira, it seems that in the home of the Piqué-Mebarak things are different.

In mid-July, the Colombian star premiered her new song: Don’t Wait Up, which serves as an appetizer for what will be his new album. This song marks his return to music in English, after being dedicated in recent years to material in our language.

Regarding the promotion of the topic, Shakira spoke this July 26 with Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Shak revealed that when consulting about his musical projects, Piqué is always the best option. “So I ask my husband, who has no idea about anything related to my business. He doesn’t understand the videos very well.”

She added: “He says, ‘Okay, I don’t understand what the videos are for. It has nothing to do with the song!’ I say, ‘Okay,

And what do your children think Milan Y Sasha?

We won’t know, since Shakira’s offspring don’t listen to their mommy’s music. Check out the video above to find out why.

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During an interview with Billboard, Shak He confessed why he was afraid to sing in English again …

“I have to say that I am very nervous because it is my first song in English in a long time, because I have been focusing on the songs in Spanish lately, but this song came up and I’m like, yeah, it’s time … do this again and I’m happy, and I’m very inspired right now. “

Sharing the song on his networks, the 44-year-old star wrote: “It’s a song for those nights when you just don’t want to think about tomorrow.”

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