The recent graduate who attended a job interview to which she was not called and was hired

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Graduating is one of the most important moments in the life of any person, but that is when a new challenge arises and it is to find the first job. Which is more difficult if most companies look for people with experience, which recent graduates do not have.

Many times for this reason, young people are discouraged when looking for a job because most of them get tired of trying, but there are others with determination who keep going until they get itLike Uche Anaekwe, a young Nigerian woman who decided to seek her opportunity on her own.

Uche is cabin crew Since July of this year, the month in which he successfully received his certification, but as soon as that stage ended, a new one began: that of looking for a first job.

“After graduating from aviation school in July and obtaining my cabin crew license, I had no idea how I was going to get a job, I didn’t know anyone in the industry who would give me a chance ”, the young cabin crew member posted on her profile .

The only thing he knew was the traditional, to send a resume to the companies in his area and wait for answers, but felt it was not enough and traveled to the city of Lagos to leave his personal information.

While one of her friends was called from an airline to do a test, she was not. Uche was happy for his colleague, but sad for his luck. His partner gave him the date and time of the aptitude test, so decided to go despite not having been summoned. After all, I was losing nothing.

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“I made a bold and courageous leap of faith, I went to an aptitude test that I was not invited to, and the rest is history. They say that when opportunity meets preparation, success is inevitable, ”commented Uche on Linkedin. The visit was worth it because soon after the young woman was hired.

In her post she thanked her friend and the company for giving her the job opportunity she was looking for so much.

“I will always be grateful to Maryam Adeleke for being an amazing friend to me, even when she didn’t have to be. I am also very grateful to Dana Air for not use prejudice and bias to recruit your new crew member, because otherwise I would not have had the opportunity, “said the young woman.

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