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The Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has set off alarms this week. After canceling a planned trip to Northern Ireland on medical advice, Buckingham reported that the monarch spent a night admitted to the hospital to undergo “preliminary examinations”, news that has worried the British royal family and could change the sovereign’s agenda.

According to the newspaper , Buckingham advisers are working on a strategy to reduce the workload of Elizabeth II of the UK. In the last hours Sir Edward Young, the queen’s private secretary, has been part of certain debates in which he has been asked modify the monarch’s agenda and eliminate acts that are not fundamental in her role as Head of State.

Officials in the queen’s office are drawing up a list of priority events that Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom will attend over the next 12 months. Among them is the Platinum Jubilee scheduled for June 2022, where the will celebrate 70 years of his reign. In some of her engagements, the monarch is expected to be accompanied by members of the British royal family.

The attendance of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom to the summit of the United Nations Organization (UN) on climate change to be held on November 1 in the city of in Glasgow, Scotland, it is still part of his official agenda. The final decision, as reported by the aforementioned British media, will be made next week.

“They have to find some kind of balance. The accelerated pace that he maintained during the course of a month, may have been too much “said Sally Bedell Smith, one of the biographers of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who since leaving Balmoral on October 1 has attended 13 hearings and 7 events. In addition, he has a list of private meetings and daily reviews government documents.

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Ingrid Seward, another of the royal biographers, has urged Charles of Wales to take responsibility for ensuring that the monarch does not overwork: they can divide the duties among other family members, but the heir has to take a stand and tell his mother: ‘Enough is enough’ “.

Since last October 12 he surprised more than one by carrying a cane in a religious act held in Westminster Abbey (London) in commemoration of the centenary of the charity organization of the Armed Forces ‘Royal British Legion’, Elizabeth II of the Kingdom Kingdom has generated great concern. Although at the time Buckingham clarified that he used the cane “for your comfort”.

Just days after appearing with a cane it was made public that the doctors “advised” the monarch to stop drinking alcohol on a daily basisas a close friend of the British royal family commented to . The objective is for the queen to arrive in the best physical condition to June 2022, at which time she will lead several acts on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee celebration.

Shortly after this measure was revealed, it was announced that the sovereign received medical advice to rest for a few days, which is why he canceled his last trip scheduled for October 20, the same date he entered the hospital for one night to undergo “preliminary examinations.” Few details are known about his admission to hospital.

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