The Red Bull Kumite of Las Vegas can be followed on Twitch in Spanish

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Throughout this weekend, Red Bull Kumite, one of the largest fighting games competitions, takes place in Las Vegas, specifically at Caesar’s Palace, the scene of legendary boxing matches. Specifically from today Saturday at 22:00 starts this event that will have as main titles Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Strive and Tekken 7, and that we can follow live and in Spanish from the RedBullES Twitch channel.

As we said, starting at 22:00 we will have the Guilty Gear Strive championship, with the participation by our country of Uriel, as well as Tekken 7. On the other hand, tomorrow Sunday, also from the same time, The entire competition will focus on Street Fighter V.

All this will be broadcast live through the aforementioned channel, with comments in Spanish from Sharin, Alasthor, Arath and El Tigre, who will be present during the practically ten hours of daily broadcasting that will take place both days. Thus, since the creation of Red Bull Kumite in 2015, the competition has reached the temple of fighting par excellence, something that we can continue for almost 20 hours throughout this weekend.

Three successful games on stage

The three games chosen for sure are among the most popular in recent years. Street Fighter V has managed to carve out a great community despite a more than bumpy start, adding a multitude of characters and offline content, as well as, above all, improving its online performance. A bomb-proof performance that Tekken 7 has offered since the inception, which is one of the most successful fighting games on PC. For its part, Guilty Gear Strive was born with the support of the fighting games community, being behind Arc System Works, creators not only of this, but also of sagas such as BlazBlue or the successful Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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