The relationship between a water beetle and acne cure

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A team of scientists has created a smart device that could offer a very accurate diagnosis and treatment for skin diseases. Inspired by an aquatic beetle, the tool takes skin samples, analyzes body fluids and generates a customized solution, which would be very effective in offering definitive treatment solutions, especially for acne.

An accurate and non-invasive diagnostic tool

Conventional diagnostic devices for skin diseases are difficult to use, lack precision and require the use of expensive equipment for your analysis. In addition, they use chemical adhesives that do not always adhere to the skin, they can cause irritation and skin lesions, so they cannot be used repeatedly or for a long time.

The study, conducted by an international research team, details a new system that would allow the rapid detection of biomarkers of skin diseases. This was explained in an article published in Science Advances, called “Diving with miniaturized pistons shaped like a beetle with rapid and reversible capture of biofluids for the care of skin diseases based on machine learning.”

A device inspired by a water beetleBeetle

Bo-yong Park, a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University, Quebec, Canada, explained in an interview that the team was inspired by Hydaticus pacificus. The male of this aquatic beetle has sticky bristles on its front legs that allow him to adhere to the female during their mating under water.

These bristles are provided with suction cups, the that can be firmly grasped on various wet and uneven surfaces. This type of micro suction cups were developed in the laboratory and placed on the smart device, which adheres firmly to the skin, even if there is sweat and irregularities, to collect and analyze body fluids.

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Suction cups They are embedded with hydrogels that react to the pH of the skin and change color according to its acidity.

One tool for various uses

This aquatic beetle-inspired device could have various medical applications, for example, to design medical adhesives, smart therapy patches and diagnostic instrumentsespecially for the rapid detection of biomarkers of skin diseases such as acne.

The authors thank the organizations that supported the research; the Korea Healthcare Technology Research and Development Project, the Korea National Research Foundation, the Basic Science Institute, and the Korea Industrial Technology Assessment Institute, an organization that is affiliated with the Korean government.

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