“The Remarkable Generosity of Andrea Legarreta: A Turning Point for Pedro Prieto in His Career”

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Andrea Legarreta and the Generosity of the Rubín Legarreta Family

Andrea Legarreta next to Rubén Cerda personified as ‘Santa Claus’ during the lighting of the Christmas tree in 2021 (Photo: Medios y Media/Getty Images).

Televisa’s morning magazine Hoy is soon to celebrate its 25th anniversary on the air. Many celebrities such as Talina Fernández, Laura Flores, Ernesto Laguardia, Annete Cuburu, Angélica María, Alan Tacher, Natalia Téllez, Fernando del Solar, Maca Carriedo, and dozens more have been part of the family. Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo and Raúl Araiza, Like veterans of the show, they have seen numerous arrivals and departures; A rumor that has been running for years even attributes to actresses a supposed power to approve or rule out new talents. Without any proof of this, most of their ex-colleagues only have words of gratitude.

Pedro Prieto, who worked with them for eight years, has been the last to share an anecdote of one of the saddest moments of his life, which he endured thanks to Andrea and his family. Pedro Prieto preparing for the presentation of the play Toc Toc in 2019 (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

Before he took off as an influencer, reality star, lecturer, and journalist, Pedro Prieto had had a medium-sized career in Spain, where he is from, which he left to try luck abroad as an actor and model in India and China, and then landing in Mexico in October 2013. Arriving in the Latin American country, however, was not easy for him, and he lived through a time of hardship that he shared with eight models —all lived in a three-bedroom apartment in the Del Valle neighborhood—who were also looking for their opportunity in the industry. Then, the casting appeared for a contest on Hoy in which he had to play a half-naked cupid (him and others), say a compliment, deliver a rose and sit between Andrea and Galilea.

A simple task for anyone except Spanish who didn’t know them yet. He passed the test thanks to the verb he. “I don’t know what the fuck I said, I have no idea, but people liked me and my Facebook started to explode, I won and I stayed a week as a guest driver,” he told Fernando Lozano in a recent interview. And so he began to earn more calls, first as a reporter and later as one of the headlines. family knew about the shortage that was happening. “I spent two and a half years without returning to Madrid because I said until I got something cool, I wasn’t going to return and besides I didn’t have enough money, that is, if I paid for a ticket, I was going to suffer to eat.” Andrea Legarreta’s invitation to celebrate at her house. “I met his family; I remember that when he sent me the address, well, he didn’t even have money to pay for the Uber; well, he had just enough for the trip, not the return.” Erik Rubín, perhaps without knowing it, left to his rescue by offering him the service of an Uber Black so that he could return home.

“I was embarrassed to say ‘where does the truck leave me?’, I went by truck to Televisa, they charged five pesos, I had balls!, but it was an experience because, of course, I arrived and I remembered my whole life, there are things that we have that we do not value”. The situation was also complicated by having to bring a gift, since the Rubín Legarreta family carried out the “secret friend” dynamic. “What do you give the daughters of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín, if I don’t have to go in Uber, (and they) have everything? What did I buy them? Two thermoses that came out of little things and bubbles and such, but Imagine, in that game there were very cool gifts”.

Prieto recalled that he won a pair of Ray-Ban glasses. But what he has really treasured from all that experience is Andrea’s generosity in sharing his family party with someone he had little to know and, furthermore, the advice he received from his daughters, some little girls at that time. “I remember that I started doing musical theater and they had just offered me ‘Hook’ (in the children’s play Peter Pan), with Miguel Ángel Valles, and I was scared shitless, and I remember getting closer with Mía Rubín and Nina, super little ones. ‘I’m just a little nervous, I’m going to do this’, (and they told me) ‘don’t worry, you’re going to do very well because we trust in your talent’. And I’ Damn, two girls are cheering me up?! I’m scared shitless, what kind of family, what a wonder!'” he said.

Prieto worked for eight years in the program that he considers one of the best schools in between. “I feel that it is like playing for footballers in the best team that Real Madrid can be,” he said in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda last April.

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