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the renowned actor who almost became the Hulk

In 2003 the director Ang Lee premiered his version of the Green Goliath starring Eric Bana in the role of Bruce Banner and Nick Nolte as his father, the villain of the film. This version of the mighty hero would not be successful with the fandom. Subsequently, Marvel Studios acquired the rights to Hulk and got down to work to make his own film with this character who has a significant fan base.

The title of the film is The Incredible Hulk, second film of what is known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring Edward Norton in the skin of the scientist who suffers an accident with Gamma radiation and can become the green beast that we all know. The film features the villain Emil Blonsky who transforms into Abomination and establishes The Leader as a future antagonist.

The actor who could have been the Hulk

The truth is Edward Norton It was not the first option to carry out the ambitious Marvel project with which they wanted to give strength to the MCU after a successful start with the celebrated entry Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. In this case, the actor that the film’s producers wanted is the visible face of a cult program that will surprise you.

We are talking about David Duchovny! Yes, the protagonist of The secret X files, where he played FBI agent Fox Mulder, who investigates cases associated with paranormal activity. He is mobilized by the alien abduction of his sister when he was very young and since then he has dedicated himself to dismantling a conspiracy between the visitors and the United States government.

Subsequently, Mark Ruffalo would replace Edward Norton like Bruce Banner, because the original interpreter of the character maintained creative differences with the studio and also did not want to commit to a franchise as long and demanding as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then, the actor of Illusionists He was in charge of giving life to the Green Goliath, even with the Motion Capture technique to give the hero his gestures.

We don’t know what would have happened if David Duchovny He would have joined the MCU as Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo It would not be part of the franchise and we recognize that its participation in this universe of characters is highly celebrated by the fandom. Does the protagonist of Californication would have had the same success? That question will never be answered.

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