The reunion of the protagonists of Okupas 20 years after its premiere

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21 years have passed since Occupy broke into the Argentine television. At the exact moment when the country was facing a very deep economic crisis, the fiction created by Bruno Stagnaro It came to revolutionize the series that until then had been broadcast. The phenomenon was such that a little less than a month ago Netflix He added it to his catalog so that it could reach the whole world. Not only was it a success, but it also succeeded in their protagonists meet.

Today the actors who knew how to give life to the main characters of the novel, shared images of the reunion on their social networks. Rodrigo de la Serna, Ariel Staltari, Franco Tirri, Diego Alonso, Dante Mastropieto, Ana Celentano and Jorge Sesán were some of those who were present at the meeting that revolutionized the fans of the strip.

The thing is Occupy It was a before and after for the Argentine industry: when the crisis culminated with the resignation of then-president Fernando de la Rúa, its creator – who was only 27 years old – knew how to expose through fiction marginality and violence that was lived at that time. And since it is a story that transcended the passage of time, Netflix published its 11 episodes to resume that rage.

The four friends who star in the story have a large house as a meeting point in which all their experiences take place, marked by this context of social decline. All those images were remasterizadas by the streaming giant that also had to renew all the songs that were included in the scenes for reasons of the Copyright Law. In that sense, Santiago Barrionuevo, leader of He Killed a Motorized Police, took care of the soundtrack.

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20 years later, everything remains the same”Ariel Staltari wrote on his social networks and posted an image with his colleagues imitating one of his times on set. Quickly, their fans filled them with likes and comments. Not only its viewers from the 2000s, but the young people who had the opportunity to review the series and understand why it is one of the most remembered in the history of the country.

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