The Richard Jewell Story: What Is The Movie About The 1996 Olympics Bombing That Changed His Life Forever

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After being suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, just less than a week ago, the long-awaited began Tokyo Olympics. It is the most famous sports and multidisciplinary competition worldwide. Of course, over the years in which it has been carried out there have been different controversies, the most resonant in recent times was that of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

It was that year in which an attack vanished the happiness of the public and the athletes present in the city in just seconds. A security guard named Richard Jewell He quickly alerted the police as he had found a green backpack in Centennial Olympic Park and that it apparently contained explosives. Before Jewell’s call, officers had received another message stating that there was going to be an attack.

Clint Eastwood directed the film based on the Richard Jewell case (Photo: Getty)

Despite attempts by guards and officers, the bomb exploded, killing two more than hundreds of others. Although at first, Jewell was taken as a hero by actively intervening in this rescue operation, not only the police but also the media began to suspect his actions and marked him as the possible undercover terrorist.

His appearance, his supposed frustration at not having been able to become a policeman in the past and among other minor elements, transformed him from the first moment into the villain of this tragedy. The truth is that after all the hell that the researchers went through, they found the real culprit.

Years later, Jewell married and managed to finish his police career. But despite rebuilding his life away from the cameras, the ghosts of the past haunted him from time to time. He died of a heart attack in 2007 in Georgia at the age of 44.

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What is the film that portrays the attack of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

In 2019, Clint Eastwood presented the film about the case of Richard Jewell, whose script is inspired by the article by the journalist from Vanity Fair, Marie Brenner titled American Nightmare: The Ballad of Richard Jewell as well as in the memories of the security guard. Eastwood who is an expert in biographical dramas recognized as J.Edgar, Invictus Y Sully He entered the direction of this film at the age of 89. And as has happened in most of the films his filmography does not disappoint.

The film navigates each of the moments that Jewell went through in his life, from finding the backpack with the explosives to all his media persecution. His journey as a hero ends when the police and the media begin to disbelieve his statements and brand him as the main responsible.

The Richard Jewell Story: What Is The Movie About The 1996 Olympics Bombing That Changed His Life Forever

Photo Credits: IMDb

Paul Walter Hauser, a comedian who has participated in series such as Cobra Kai y Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, here he demonstrates his versatility by playing a reserved, somewhat frustrated and lonely man with an apparent dark side that almost no one can decipher. The cast is completed with performances by Sam Rockwell, in the role of Jewell’s lawyer, John Hamm, Olivia Wilde and the special participation of Kathy Bathes, who plays Jewell’s mother.

Where to see The Case of Richard Jewell

Right now, the movie is available on the streaming platform you own. YouTube. It is possible to rent it to 8 dollars about.

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