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The Rise of Red and Album Production: Podcast

The Rise of Red and Album Production: Podcast

Kylie Cantrall recently sat down with Kyle Meredith to discuss her role in *Descendants: The Rise of Red*, the fourth film in Disney’s popular *Descendants* franchise. Cantrall plays Princess Red, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland. She describes Red as a rebellious character who is preparing to attend a new school while her mother plots in secret.

Cantrall shared her personal journey of landing the role, emphasizing the significance of joining the *Descendants* series, a story she grew up with. The actor expressed her excitement and the personal connection she feels with the character and the overall narrative of the *Descendants* franchise.

The conversation also touched upon Cantrall’s wish to travel back to the ’90s, a decade she finds intriguing. Beyond her acting career, she opened up about her ventures in the music industry and her fascination with anti-heroes, which she attributes to her love for complex characters.

Fans can listen to Kylie Cantrall discuss *Descendants: The Rise of Red* and more on the recent podcast episode. The episode is available on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Podcasts, and is also accessible for viewing on YouTube. To stay updated with the latest episodes, listeners are encouraged to follow the *Kyle Meredith With…* series on their preferred podcast platform.

Source: Consequence