The rivalry of Jacob Elordi and Taylor Zakhar Perez crossed the screen

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The Kissing Stand 3 meant the end of the story that tells the love between Noah Flynn y Elle Evans, played by Jacob Elordi and Joey King. The second and third installments of the franchise find the young woman with her heart divided between the suitors Noah and Marco Peña. The latter personified by Taylor zakhar perez. The film shows a great rivalry between the gallants who are not willing to share Elle’s feelings. Did the enmity transcend the screen?

The occasion lent itself: celebrating the end of The Kisses Stand, Taylor decided to share on his social networks a post with images from behind the scenes of the film and to thank in a very special way all his castmates. Mysteriously, Jacob Elordi was sidelined by his partner in the post.

True rivalry?

The text of Taylor zakhar perez thanks to Netflix for producing the films, the author of the books and Joey for challenging him as well as leading by example, on and off the set. The acknowledgments are added with different figures such as those responsible for choosing the actor for the role of Marco or a group of names with which “they shared laughter together”. Jacob? Any!

The actor’s followers echoed the omission of Jacob Elordi in the text and shared different responses pointing to the rivalry of the actors, on and off the screen. “Jacob left the chat”, “I think you and Jacob are enemies in real life”, “Didn’t you mention Jacob?” Y “Problems with jacob? “were some of the messages.

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The truth is that nothing suggested a real rivalry between the young actors who participated in this fictional love triangle with Joey King. Many times the interpreters of a production have disputes due to clashing egos or lack of professionalism. However, this does not appear to be the case. Do you believe in the enmity between Jacob and Taylor?


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