The Riverdale actor who wants to be a drag queen

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The fifth installment of Riverdale had its end and now fans can’t wait any longer: the sixth part has a confirmed date for 2022 and the cast is already filming the episodes after a hiatus of several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this sense, the much more animated and relaxed actors are encouraged to reveal a little more about their privacy and about others projects they have in mind apart from the series.

In this way, KJ Apa had a revelation that left the followers of Archie Andrews, his character, most surprised. Apparently, the actor who just became a father with model Clara Berry is also interested in being drag queen and he even thought his name: Fifi Queen.

In dialogue with the NME medium, KJ Apa told about the beginning of this interest that he is so passionate about. And it is that in 2020, with quarantines and strict bubble protocols for the filming of the series of The CW, the artist started posting videos on his profile TikTok and thus it reached up to 3 million followers. In this context, he explained: “I have a connection with my feminine side in that social network”.

But that’s not all, because Fifi Queen now wants to be part of the quintessential reality show in the drag world. “I love see RuPaul’s Drag Race And I’ve told my agents that I want to be on that show. Although at the same time, the contestants are very authentic and I don’t think I was allowed to be there, because I’m not a real drag. But why can’t I share Fifi with the world? It is not something you feel you need to hide. I really enjoy that part of me”.

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KJ Apa concluded: “’I’ve known her since she was eight, nine or ten years old. It has allowed me to express my feminine side through movement and my physique. My sisters used to dress me in drag when I was a kid. They put lipstick on me and wings and stuff and I used to love exploring that part of me‘. It will be a matter of waiting to see if you can be part of a reality show under this theme and fulfill your greatest wish.

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