The Rocketeer to return with a new Disney + movie 30 years later

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The franchise The Rocketeer It has been ringing for a possible comeback for a long time and it finally seems that it will. And is that Disney prepare a new film adaptation with The Return of the Rocketeer, a new film adaptation specially created for Disney+ and that he already has confirmed producers with the actor David oyelowo (The Cloverfield Paradox, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) y su mujer Jessica. In addition, the actor himself could star in a film that for now it is not known if it will be reboot or sequel from the original 1991 delivery.

The Rocketeer returns after 30 years

This new film will be based on a script written by Ed Ricourt (Now You See Me, Jessica Jones) with the marriage production Oyelowo; At the moment there is no confirmed director or director or cast. Without much plot detail, apparently a retired Tuskegee aviator adopt the mantle of Rocketeer, which invites you to think of a sequel to the original film.

The character of Rocketeer was created in 1982 by Dan Stevens to star in your own comic book adventures. In the original story, the aviator Cliff Secord, an airplane pilot specializing in aerobatics from the 1930s, seizes a stolen jetpack. After donning an iron mask and taking advantage of his ability to fly, he embarks on a hero adventure that fight evil.

Recall that the original Disney movie is from 1991 by Joe Johnston with the actor Bill Campbell in the role of Cliff, although the lukewarm acceptance by the general public and a low box office ended up canceling any film sequel; even so, The Rocketeer has since been a pulp cinema icon, something that has led to his return with a new movie. At the moment there is no release date on Disney +.

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