The Role Marketing Plays in the Popularity of Online Casinos

The Role Marketing Plays in the Popularity of Online Casinos

The world of online casino gaming is absurdly competitive now, with there being a great many platforms that are willing to adhere to the rules and regulations of the likes of the MGA and UKGC to offer its products around the world. As there are very few, if any, software developers that operate exclusively, online casinos can quickly accumulate massive libraries of new and popular games.

So, to help get ahead of the ocean of brands, online casinos need to turn to modern marketing techniques, some of which simply aren’t seen to such a scale in any other industry. From offering ways to game for free to make the most of convenient devices, this is how marketing plays its role in making online casinos popular.

Welcome Offers and Promotions

In a sector that’s entirely reliant on people betting money, it seems almost bizarre that an online casino would offer ways for new players to play for free with a chance of converting the winnings into withdrawable cash. However, the bonus codes that can be used at PlayAmo and have subsequently been adopted by other brands in the industry do exactly that: they give new players funds to play games that can become real cash.

This practice has evolved a great deal in recent years, from matching deposit amounts to including free spins on popular slots. Now, the no-deposit bonus codes are the most sought-after. These only require the player to make an account and don’t need a commitment of real money to activate – offering truly free casino gaming. Regardless of which type of offer is picked, it puts players at ease when trying new games.

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Mobile Apps and Notifications

The Role Marketing Plays in the Popularity of Online Casinos

Mobile apps are powerful tools in modern marketing. To users, they’re nice-looking tiles that grant quick and convenient access to their favorite brands. To the brands, a user downloading an app gives them a near-unrivaled connection. As the user will input details and preferences, the casino brand can easily identify the best ways to appease the user, be it by advertising preferred game types or promotions.

Just as importantly, as you can see in this McKenna piece, apps create a very useful direct marketing channel through in-app messages and notifications. If done correctly, customers enjoy getting notifications that inform them of an upcoming promotion or event. Online casinos revel in staging tournaments and offering promotions for those who play certain games, making notifications an invaluable marketing method.

Real User Reviews

The Role Marketing Plays in the Popularity of Online Casinos

They may seem like a hindrance, and there is certainly something to be said for the emotional state that spurs the majority of reviews, but real user reviews have proved an invaluable marketing tool. As is shown in the stats from Dixa, 79 percent of customers value online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations, 86 percent hesitate to use a company if they have poor reviews, and showing reviews averages an 18 percent increase in sales. Online casinos love to show off their review scores as they can be the edge over another site.

Online casinos have been strong-armed into utilizing as many marketing methods as they can simply because of the plethora of platforms out there. Those that offer user-friendly welcome bonuses, have a slick mobile app and showcase their strong user reviews can all get ahead via these subtle marketing techniques.

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