“The Royal Symbolism: Princes of Wales and their Children’s Images at Carlos III’s Coronation”

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New Era for the British Monarchy Begins with King Carlos III’s Coronation

Eight months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a new era for the British monarchy officially begins. Today, all eyes are on King Carlos III, who will be ascending the throne in a solemn ceremony that began at 12:00 Spanish time at Westminster Abbey. But it must not be forgotten that both Prince William and his eldest son, Prince George, will play important roles in today’s historic event.

The Princes of Wales Arrive at Westminster Abbey

Amid cheers and applause, the Princes of Wales and two of his sons arrived at Westminster Abbey, where they were received by the Dean to witness this historic day. Prince William and Kate have been happy and smiling with eight-year-old Princess Charlotte and five-year-old Prince Louis.

Dressed to Impress

As expected, the little ones have become the center of attention, causing a sensation with their outfits for the big day of their grandfather, King Carlos. Princess Charlotte opted for an Alexander McQueen gown and cape in ivory silk crepe, while Prince Louis wore a suit made by Dege and Skinner consisting of a Hainsworth Garter Blue Doeskin tunic with lace trimmings at the collar, cuffs, and front.

Kate, who will also be crowned Queen in the future, has chosen an Alexander McQueen dress in ivory silk crepe with silver ingots and thread embroidery with motifs of roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks. She is wearing pearl and diamond earrings belonging to Diana of Wales and George’s scallop necklace V.

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Key Roles in the Ceremony

Prince William will pay homage to his father, kneeling before him and swearing allegiance in what will be the only tribute of royal blood. He will also help dress King Carlos III in the golden royal robes before his coronation.

Prince George will play a key role in the procession as a page of honor, wearing his grandfather’s ceremonial robes as he enters and leaves Westminster Abbey.

A Break with Tradition

King Carlos III’s coronation will be a break with tradition in certain ways, as it is the first to take place on a Saturday in over 100 years. It will also be the first time that heads of state are invited, and representatives of monarchies from around the world will be present.

A ‘Solemn Religious’ but also ‘Celebratory and Pomp’ Service

The service is expected to be a “solemn religious” event as well as a “celebration and pomp.” From Buckingham Palace, it was announced that it will reflect the role of the sovereign in today’s society and symbolize a monarchy that looks to the future.

The Future Generation

Prince William, Kate, and their three children represent the future of the monarchy. The coronation of the new king will serve as a ‘rehearsal’ for what is to come, a chapter that will mark their lives and for which they are already preparing following the memorable example of Queen Elizabeth II and now King Carlos III.

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