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The Russian ‘gaming’ bike you need for this summer

There are many users who are informed every day about the construction of a custom computer, preferably a powerful one. A high-end CPU, powerful graphics cards, and a good power supply capable of supplying power to the entire system. But of course, with these requirements, you have to demand the machine from the inside with a box that not only supports it, but also shows even the smallest RGB light. But Russian trainer Yolenzo has gone one step further with this functional mini bike with an integrated computer.

This is Yolenzo’s mini-computer-bike

The average user seeks to have their machine ready and assembled with the factory components, something that saves a lot of complications. You choose the model, you pay and you get it. Then there are those who want a custom device, where the budget is important to have a powerful computer. But there are people and also manufacturers who are able to personalize the experience of having a computer. Some manage to give the no more with their models so personal and in Yolenzo have created the world’s first mini BMX computer.

His name is Exo Giga Bike and it consists of a small BMX model that you can even ride on. And it is that the frame and the handlebar act as a support and casing, so it may be that you not only take it out on the street but it may fall by chance. Even more so knowing the components that it integrates and that postulate it as a good computer designed to play.

In the part of the rear wheel we find the power supply that, of course, will need a power outlet to work. In this case, the energy will flow through all the components and are then distributed through the BMX, the first being the fans that cool the liquid cooling connected to the device.

These are mostly found on the front and rear of the handlebar, where you will find a processor 11th Gen Intel i5 anchored to a signature Aorus plaque. On the front is the other jewel in the crown which is atgraphic design GIGABYTE RTX 3070, perfect for playing next-generation games or using programs with a lot of graphic load such as video editors or 3D modeling.

As for the price, the company page It provides a button to request the assembly, although it does not set a fixed price for the components that, probably, have to be purchased separately.


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