The Russo brothers stopped their return to Marvel for this reason.

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The Russo brothers they made a career within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first film they directed for the brand was Captain America and the Winter Soldier, for many one of the best entries of the genre. Then they continued with Captain America: Civil War. It went so well for them that Kevin Feige selected them for the last two installments of the Avengers: Infinity War y EndgameIn this way, the directors’ work with the brand was finished, but apparently a new project would bring them back to the MCU.

It is not known which film it is about, but negotiations for the return of the filmmakers were open. Rumors? At some point the directors expressed their interest in directing the event known as Secret Wars, where an almighty being, the Beyonder, kidnaps heroes and villains from Earth and takes them to a desolate planet to face off. Marvel would have the rights to that story.

The Russos would not return to Marvel

So, we can ask ourselves what happened so that the Russo brothers desist on their return to MCU. Everything is tied to the movie Black Widow and a conflict that was generated with Scarlett Johansson from that Disney presented the film simultaneously in cinemas and its streaming platform Disney+. In this way, the actress was harmed, because she was going to collect a percentage of the proceeds at the box office of the theaters.

What did Scarlett do? He demanded that the House of the Mouse replied with a statement in which he highlighted the need to release the film in this way due to the COVID-19 crisis and that the interpreter did not contemplate that situation with his demand. The scandal reached the media. Marvel’s brain, Kevin Feige, supported Scarlett.

A scene from Endgame, directed by the Russos. Photo: IMDb.

Then the Russo brothers They also echoed this fact and gave up on going ahead with the negotiations that would lead them to work again for Marvel. Unfortunately, a strategic content distribution decision led to Disney to lose many talents and the duo of directors are an example of this situation that had serious consequences for the studio.

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